Updates & News Blips
Apr 18  -   Blog: Some In-Game "Photography" in 'Thief'
Apr 10  -   New Projector Lighting page.
Mar 28  -   New wallpaper in pack: The Grand Universe
Mar 22  -   New Art & Photography section on my blog. I moved a bunch of posts there.
Mar 7  -   Put my YouTube channel on its own page. Still trying to figure out what to do with the old video page.
Feb 11  -   New art: White Alphaila Wallpaper
Feb 8  -   Photo blog: Remembering Why Photoshop Was Made
Jan 25  -   New wallpapers in pack: Zurkury Ripple  /  Gold Ripple
Jan 19  -   New wallpaper in pack: Two Flowers - Reflection
Jan 17  -   Blog: Google Earth for Screenshot Expeditions  /  ...and added 15 of the images to Wallpaper Pack.
Jan 8  -   Updated site linkbar. It's no longer hideous on other pages. (see button strip above. Perhaps still not done yet.)

Dec 19  -   New site linkbar. (see button strip above)
Dec 8  -   Added 'D. Gallery' to Future Projects.
Dec 6  -   New look for Contact page, Torlanights page, and Torlanights screenshots. (other gaming pages still needing an update)
Dec 5  -   New look for Project Status page. (might use it for some other pages as well)
Nov 27  -   Updated a couple Future Project listings, adding some pictures, etc.
Nov 24  -   Blog: Scary Pits in the Ocean
Nov 22  -   Photo blog: A Little Macro Shooting  
Nov 18  -   Wallpaper Pack is complete, updated it on Projects page. (I'll still add new pics randomly...)
Nov 15  -   Added new project to list of future projects: Lightbulb Nazis (WIP title)
Oct 15  -   Blog: Gunreal Mouse Cursor (download)
Sep 7  -   Blog: 'Worst Advice Ever' 2013 Award
Sep 1  -   Photo blog: Two Beaches!
Aug 18  -   Made a random Gandalf wallpaper. (not in wallpaper pack)
Aug 12  -   New wallpapers in pack: Hotleaf, Orange Vinery, & Blue Leafage  /  New quote: We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.
- Anais Nin
Aug 8  -   Article back online: How Windows 7 is All Backwards (Was offline to see if Microsoft would respond then.)
Jul 30  -   Photo blog: A Little Phone Shooting / New wallpaper in pack: Shady Green
Jul 29  -   Article back online: Apple's Problem: Spreading Macs (Was offline to see if Apple would respond then.)
Jul 14  -   New wallpapers in pack: Da Flowers - A  /  Da Flowers - B
Jul 13  -   Video blog: The Squirrel Gathering
Jul 12  -   Blog: Clothing Fashion in Heaven
Jul 11  -   Photo blog: Dario Goes Reptile Hunting
Jul 8  -   Video blog: A Stop at Dairy Queen
Jul 7  -   Video blog: Galaxy S3 Video Tests
Jun 26  -   Photo blog: Photos From My Past  /  Updated Folio somewhat
Jun 26  -   Video blog: A Stop at Del Taco
Jun (?)  -   Relaunched old Bio Gallery, just for fun (2004 gallery)

---===  Jan-Jun, took a break for learning & planning.  ===---

Dec 31  -   A bunch of articles moved from Blog section to Articles: How Tiny Differences Make/Break Beauty, Narcissists in Positions of Power, Is All Software Overpriced?, Google's Self-Driving Cars Approach, The Perils of Long Commutes, Cosmo: The Sex Issue, and Capped Upload Speeds. (Likely some of them will be lengthened, later on.)
Nov 26  -   Old bio gallery from 2004 back online, just for fun.
Nov 17  -   New wallpapers in pack: Spirit of Nighttime, Flower Bamboo B, Flower Puff Reflection
Oct 10  -   Updated Projects Page.
Sep 10  -   Gallery tweaked/reduced. Sometimes, messages being"punchy" isn't the same as being compelling for people to change. More like turning them defensive. (Better approaches on the drawing board...)
Sep 6  -   New documentary listed: "The Weight of the Nation"  /  New robot in robots article: 'Cheetah'
Jul 6  -   Couple articles dipping out for a rethink; most of them probably back in a bit  /  New Mars rover lands on Mars. (the search for the perfect burrito continues...)
Jun 25  -   Blog: Microsoft 'Surface' Announced
Jun 22  -   Fast Food Project back online. :) Now let's see what McDonald's is up to.
Jun 9  -   Blog: Unreal Engine 4 & Spring Cleaning
May 30  -   Blog: Some In-Game "Photography" in 'Rage'  /  'Rage' ingame video
May 28  -   Blog: Capped Upload Speeds
May 24  -   Article: Updated "Makeup vs. Composition"  (more will come later)
May 20  -   Trying a new link-bar... The old one will be limited to a bio section.
May 14  -   Fast Food Project offline, for now. (I need to figure out the balance between what would happen if all fast food places suddenly made more attractive burgers, and exactly how much better the world would be if tons of business started dropping the lies, and making stuff better.)
May 11  -   Blog: Cosmopolitan released a "Sex Issue"
May 8  -   Video: Too Many Dang Gophers!  /  Minor article updates: (1), (2), (3)
May 5  -   Motionography test: Tree  /  A great TED Talk by Rory Sutherland
Apr 23  -   New wallpaper in pack: Flower Puff
Apr 22  -   Updated Mac Pricing article a little (still have to update price war section)
Apr 9  -   Video: How to Use Photoshop's History Brush
Apr 5  -   Updated Robots article with new bot / Google is working on eye computers / New flying car
Apr 1  -   New Article, at long last
Mar 31  -   New wallpaper in pack: Flower Bamboo
Mar 25  -   Tweaked Plugs from Hell article a little  /  Site homepage updated (the buttons at the top)
Mar 3  -   TED 2012 just ended. Here's a great talk  /  Finished custom home-security system
Feb 29  -   New art: "Life On A Dead Starship"
Feb 28  -   Tweaked Win7 article a little (beginning)  /  Poked some other pages
Feb 10  -   Added Alphaila image series to Wallpaper Pack
Feb 2  -   Merging deefrag.com into this one. (Deefrag is my former personal site).

Dec 21  -   An article about Commas (I will stab you for laughing)
Dec 14  -   Future Eye-Computer Concept
Dec 14  -   Photography: A Lot of Night-Shooting, Part 3
Nov 25  -   Photography: A Lot of Night-Shooting, Part 1 & Part 2
Nov 9  -   Fun With Photoshop
Oct 24  -   "What I'm Doing 3" (brain stuff resolved)
Oct 5  -   Steve Jobs died.
Sep 24  -   "What I'm Doing 2" (brain stuff)
Sep 21  -   Emergency article about Win 8  /  Other article bumped back (no relation to Win 8)
Aug 4  -   Dario Goes to the Horse Races. :P (video)
Jul 13  -   Dario Goes to the Stores. :P (video)
Jun 25  -   MacObserver catching my Mac bug  /  ZDNet too  /  Forbes called me halfnymous (but agreed with my non-nymous half)
Jun 15  -   "What I'm Doing 1" (on articles and tablets)
May 25  -   Cartoon video: Kit & Riley - Bathroom Stories
May 13  -   I went to TEDxAFC (ideas conference)
Apr 25  -   Article on Features vs. Averages (illusions)
Apr 25  -   My Triple-Screen PC is on a few big tech sites!  /  I was interviewed about fast food  /  Wallpaper Pack on Lifehacker Australia  /  Optical illusions on science site
April 15  -   'Motionography' Test (moving photos idea)
Mar 14  -   Gaming iPhone Concept
Mar 7  -   Blog post about dreaming a lot more than we realize
Feb 28  -   Blog post about thinking/inventing while we're asleep
Feb 11  -   A $983 Triple-Screen Gaming/Graphics PC

Dec 16  -   ZDNet ran a story on my Mac article. (it was a top story, in their front-page news ticker)
Dec 3  -   Dario Goes to the Electronics Store :P  /  ...and to The Car Paperwork :P (videos)
Sep 27  -   My Early Photoshoppings :P
Aug 30  -   Dario Goes to the Beach :P (photography)
Aug 3  -   Dario Goes to the Zoo :P (video)
Aug 3  -   The Adventures of Greg, the Midget Cloned Rabbit (photography)
July 31  -   I got my camera! (photos)

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